Dream 6/2/17

One of the weirdest dreams I have had in a long time. Maybe the effects of Ambient and Trazadone, but nonetheless I figured I would share. Be for warned, that some of the content may be disturbing, but like I said before, I do this for me not for anyone else.

I was at a sex party and there was a competition of sorts that involved hand eye coordination with a time limit to determine which room you got to enter. The ultimate prize was a hot model in one room, with the other rooms not desirable, as you would face some sort of ultimate punishment and be used as a slave. I ultimately lost the contest with the person that I was paired against and was sent to room 5. Upon entering, I see three attractive naked women and one naked male. I am quickly striped naked and blindfolded, and told to lie on the floor. Next thing I know one of the females is squatting above my mouth and begins to deficate in my mouth, while the other girls force my mouth and tongue open to eat and lick her anus clean. Then, the male begins to urinate in my mouth while the girls are kissing and making out with me. As this continues, they are impressed with my obedience and give me words of encouragement and how turned on they are. Extremely weird dream.

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