Dream 6/7/17

My dream involved a relationship with someone and we were at some sort of event, or gathering. For whatever reason, my partner’s sister needed a ride to my girlfriend’s house to pick something up and I offered to give her a ride. We arrived at the house and I parked on the right side of a 3-car garage attached to the house. Once inside, we began having sex on the living room floor. While in the middle of having incredible sex, a guy on a tractor/bull dozer pulls into the driveway, opens the garage, and begins to maneuver the tractor into the garage. Despite the noise and craziness of the on goings outside, we continue our love-making. I guess some time had passed and because we didn’t return to the gathering, my girlfriend gets home and begins to make her entrance into the house. Now, her sister and I are frantically grabbing our clothes and trying to sneak out of house without being detected. Once we get to the car, we are trapped by the tractor that was parked in garage and somehow ended up in driveway behind my car. Before I could orchestrate a way to maneuver forward and backwards to get around the vehicle, I awoke.


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