Special Day

So yesterday I was a selfish and an ass. I got so caught up in my own world I totally ignored my lover and failed miserably communicating with her. All I had to do was simply tell her that I needed some time to myself and wanted to work on my website. Instead, I chose to simply stay quiet. She even told me before that all I had to do was communicate with her and she would understand. Unfortunately, I failed to do this. Tomorrow morning I am picking her up for doctor’s appointment at 0800 and plan to make it up to her. Tomorrow also happens to be our first official month together. I know what your thinking, big deal, right? Well, for us it is, we have a real true connection that it feels we have been together and known each other for a lot longer. I know flowers can’t make up for my actions, but at least it’s a start..

And babe, if you happen to be reading this, I like you from here to the tip of Texas plus 1 mile. (inside joke).


She loved the flowers.

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