Decision Day

So after meeting with gf for day of coffee and hanging out, the ultimatum and “list of demands” were presented to me. As I sat there for over an hour as the time drew close to midnight, all I could hear was wah wah wah (Charlie Brown). I kept thinking to myself that this girl has a lot of nerve and is completely clueless. Rather than go into detail about each and everyone one of her bullet points, I will just focus on a couple.

Since I am in the process of buying a house, she was under the impression that I may ask her to move in with me, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Next, she has issues with y relationship with Max, and that is the fastest way to leave my life. Max comes first and foremost and will always be my number one priority. She doesn’t like the fact that my schedule revolves around him, and how I don’t like to leave him alone for more than 4 hours. Finally, the stress of purchasing home has taken its toll on me and things have been a little different, however, things would have changed the end of next week as final approval should be completed.

After leaving last night, she asked me to put my list together and present my thoughts, however, I’m not going to bother and later this afternoon, just tell her that it’s not going work out.


Thanks for playing,

Mike & Max #singlelife


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