I’m single and happy

After an Ambien, a Trazadone, and a single beer, I had probably one of the best night sleeps I have had in a while. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and well rested. This is also the start of a new week and hopefully the week I find out if I am getting my house and actually have a final approval versus just a “pre-approval”. Unlike my last lender who didn’t really do their job and notified late that I wasn’t approve. But I’ll save that for story for another day.

I spoke to my ex-gf last night and she expected me to come over and discuss my email and list to her as to what I wanted and expected as well as my decisions to end the relationship. However it was 10pm and she expected to still come by even after I told her that I don’t like staying up to 1-2 in the morning like she does. She wanted to meet this morning at 930am but I informed her that I preferred something later so we decided at 4pm. I doubt that the meeting will actually take place. As I really have no desire to go. Best thing to do is probably sent text later informing her of my decision.

Time to focus on me and not worry about being in a relationship.



Anyone who doesn’t accept Max for who he is and our relationship doesn’t deserve us.

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