Seller’s agent being a “c” word

I apologize in advance for having to use the reference, but when I get done explaining you will understand and hopefully agree with me. As some of you know, I am in the process of hopefully buying/closing on a house the end of this month. However, when buying a home, especially when using a VA loan, there are some certain hoops you have to jump through. One of those is having the home inspected by a VA appraiser. This is something that you, the buyer is responsible for. Now, my appraiser has been to the house and appraised the home to match the sellers asking price with conditions. That the roof and gutters are replaced, which the seller has agreed to. But yet, when my agent emailed the listing broker when this would be completed, we get a response back as follows; “No need to be concerned when roof complete I will let you know”.

Excuse me? The audacity of this woman. First off, we are trying to accommodate them by having the close done within 30 days (June 30). Second, you work for the seller and stand to make a decent commission and should do your job. Finally, we need to schedule an appointment for the appraiser to get back out there and verify job has been completed (which by the way, I have to pay for again) or else he won’t sign off on the appraisal. With 13 days to go, you think she would  be a little nicer.

Extremely irritated,



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