Crisis Mode

There are several reason why I like Netflix. Besides the great programming and movies, and great content, blah blah blah. But the main reason I like Netflix, is the same reason is drives me crazy. Unlike other networks, they post their entire season at once and can binge watch in a bout a day if you so inclined and addicted like am. So when I heard that House of Cards and Orange is the New Black were going to be released around the same time, I was fully extracted. For about a the whole weekend it took to watch all episodes of both shows.

house of cardsorange is the new black

Now, I find myself in a dilemma. What to watch until July wen the real show comes on Games of Throughs. As we know now that Winter has finally came.

Games of ThronesSo what are we left to watch? At least HBO’s Games of Thrones makes you wait a week for the next episode, it can still be very frustrating. Need to make sure that DVR is set, and there is enough memory to record. Having to accidentally miss some of the show and hear spoiler alerts all through FB, Twitter, Instagram, and every other God forsaken media outlet just trying to ruin your day. Thus this is what I lives have turned to. Being run by different type of media controlling ur lives. Before I could distinct between Fox, CNN, etc. We had leftist and liberals controlling what we see and hear. But know there is a new twist. We have mega movie productions putting duty great shows and almost tend to attract a steady following and easily are switched from one network to another and vying for followers during this rough time for networks until fall returns. Unless of course you like to follow Americas Got Talent and that Ninja Warrior Thing.

I get it that there are pros and cons to releasing whole series and one at a time, but to have to make us wait sometimes over a year for the new issues is being extreme ad difficult to follow. Either give us more episodes and easier access to watch or stop playing with our emotions. Regardless, July 16 can’t come soon enough.


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