Excited to cook

I am so excited that I finally received Vegan: The Cookbook, by Jean-Christian Jury (I get no royalties or commission, just wanted to post his link should someone be so inclined to get more information)

The amount of stress and anxiety involved in buying a home has slowly been taking its toll on me. I have not been eating or sleeping well, so it was nice to get a little motivation in the mail. Tonight, I decided to try my hands at cooking a recipe I randomly found in the cookbook. Since I lacked a few ingredients, I simply improvised a recipe and was able to come up with a tasty dish. It basically included simple ingredients that most vegetarians/vegans would have on hand. Basic list includes; wild rice, firm tofu, tri-bean blend (kidney, black, and pinto), and spices to your liking (I used a dash of cumin). The trick that makes this dish unique, is that it’s crispy tofu (must use firm tofu). After browning in a skillet (used vegan butter, but can use coconut oil, or similar), placed in oven for about 15 minutes and viola, crispy tofu with wild rice and tri-bean and Sriracha sauce for dipping.


And for desert… well, I was going bake some vegan brownies, but ice cream so much easier on this hot evening and a little more refreshing. FYI… this vegan ice cream by far taste better, and is better for you than most ice creams out there. Take it from me, I used to be a Ben and Jerry’s addict.


Feeling refreshed,




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