House drama continues

With my home closing date looming (11 days, June 30), the drama continues. As mentioned in a previous blog, we were still waiting to here from seller’s agent as to when the roof was scheduled to be replaced. Since the VA appraiser needs to go back, verify, and resubmit appraisal. My underwriter informed us that if we could get a date of install of this week, then closing could still occur on time. However, the agent finally responded and gave us a date of the roof install on the 28th of June (2 days before close). The seller’s agent still expects a closing on the 30th. Unfortunately, this will probably not occur as the appraiser still has to get out there, inspect, and finalize his findings. In addition, there are some minor other fixes that need to occur but nothing worth writing about. It looks as though we will have to push the close to the following week but will know more tomorrow when I speak to my lender.



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