Terrible two’s

Who says that those without kids will never understand this stage kids go through? Max is probably the biggest and most stubborn two year I know. Most of friends already know how much I spoil him, and to them this will come as no surprise, but for those of you who don’t it will give you a glimpse of his life.


First off, Max eats better than most people I know. He gets fresh grilled meats (chicken, steak, or pork) nightly along with fresh steamed vegetables and rice. Although, I decided to go vegan, I still feed him his regular diet that he has had since he was 8-weeks old. Some nights, I myself go without eating or simple make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because I’m so exhausted after cooking for him (I usually cook a weeks worth of food for him and just reheat). Then, when it comes time for dinner, the little brat only eats the meat and leaves everything else. He then will pout throughout the night as he goes back to his bowl to eat the veggies and rice left over. He does this because he knows that if his bowl is not empty come around 830-9pm he won’t get his nightly snack. A nice juicy pig ear, that will keep him occupied for at least 30 minutes. We humans refer to this as his midnight snack.


If that doesn’t seemed like he’s spoiled, there is more. The little booger goes to the dog park at least 4-5 times a week where we spend at least an hour and half chasing frisbees and socializing with other dogs in the area. Max has several pairs of sunglasses, more than I do, ton’s of scarfs and accessories. He goes to the dog spa every two weeks where his groomer just loves him to death. Probably because I go so often, I probably pay her mortgage.

My lil guy always rides shotgun in the car with me, loves to sunbathe, go swimming in the lake and chase sticks. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and loves everyone, especially if you pet him.


Max does have a couple of minor flaws. He likes to bark at random things, like when he farts in his sleep and gets scared. He likes to jump on people when they walk in the door. Max may not be perfect, like any normal 2 year old, but he’s perfect for me.

Love you Maxie,

Dad ❤

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