Dream 6/20/17

It’s been a awhile since I’ve had a dream that either I remember or has been noteworthy. But nonetheless, last night seems worthy of a mention. For some reason, I was cruising around Chinatown with Lil’ Uzi in classic motorhome. Now before you ask who Lil Uzi’ is, please keep in mind that I too had no idea who he was, or where I would have heard his name before, But nonetheless, he is some sort of rap artist (I use to term artist very loosely).


Somehow, me and this upstanding member of the community, find ourselves together in an old classic motorhome cruising the nightlife of Chinatown with a couple of girls we picked up. Unfortunately, I guess both Lil’ Uzi and myself desperately needed showers and we couldn’t figure out how to use the shower in the motorhome. Thus we had to drop the ladies off as our stench was overwhelming.


The dream was so intense, that I awoke from the dream at 4am this morning and immediately had to take a shower. I still have yet to use Google search engine to find out who Lil’ Uzi is and how I would know this artist since I don’t listen to rap or hip hop. If any of you are familiar with this artist, please feel free to leave me a comment.

Tired and disoriented,



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