Timing plays a pivotal role in our daily lives. Everything we do from work, driving, eating and every day activities revolves around timing. When we drive, and are stopped at a signal, timing controls the lights that change colors to help maintain and control traffic conditions. At work, timing is critical for payroll to ensure that employees paid correctly. Even when we eat, timing plays an important task in letting our brain know when to swallow our food or drink. There are many aspects of our daily life where we often overlook the importance of timing.

One aspect of my life that I took timing for granted was my relationship with someone very special to me. At the time, I was in a bad place, just gotten out of a bad divorce, and the military. I made some poor decisions and hurt this person who didn’t deserve to have her heart-broken. I took advantage of her kindness and was selfish on the impact that it would have on her. Regardless, this special person felt to need after time has passed to reach out to me and see how I was doing. For the past 24hrs we have text, and video chat like it was only yesterday and we have picked up right where we left off. Although she has forgiving me, I cannot bring myself to do the same. Maybe one day, when I can see her in person, I will finally be able to forgive myself. The problem now, we live 785 miles apart, 12-hour drive, or 3 ½ hour flight (I did the calculations, LOL). Which when you think about it, really isn’t that bad.


Which brings me back to the topic of this blog. Timing is everything in our lives, especially when it comes to relationships. I do believe there is a higher power that controls when and how things happen in our lives. Maybe at the time when we first meet, it was meant to be an introduction only and not a permanent situation. In addition, the timing of her reaching out to me comes at a time when I’m preparing to close on a home. Also, just getting out of a situation where I was with someone who didn’t love Max and proposed me with an ultimatum, and thus broke that relationship off.  If you aren’t an animal lover, and especially don’t love Max, then it will never work. Luck would have it, she is an animal lover, and loves Max. She also knows all about my issues and still accepts me for who I am.  In addition, I strongly believe she was the one that got away. There is probably more, but this is good for now.

timing saying

I can finally see some sunshine in the horizon,


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  1. This is oh so real and true. I am living this myself.I do believe timing plays an essential part. It’s important because of people’s circumstances and ability to deal not only with their own but the other person’s as well. It’s important because of people’s personal journey growing, some are too far ahead and sometimes The Most High has to use separation to focus a person. Timing is everything. But when chemistry is real and organic, people can reunite as if time never stopped or was interrupted between them.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. It’s nice to hear that someone can relate and living the same situation. It is very refreshing and promising.

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