Proud home owner

Well, it has been awhile since I have last been able to blog and a lot has happened. I finally closed on my house on July 5th, and started moving in on the 6th. I am still nowhere near being unpacked, but at least I’m in my new home.

I added some minor touches around the outside. Planted some nice flowers to brighten up the outside. While, planting the flowers, I was appalled to discover that someone had buried rolled up, 6′ chain link fence inside the planter box and just covered with dirt. Needless to say, I was a little ticked off.

I’m also starting to realize, there are whole new slew of critters and creatures that like to visit. On my first morning here, there was a deer that came to my front yard to eat apples from my tree. It was a beautiful and fortunate event to observe.

With the good, also come the less appealing little critters. These little critters were all over my patio, and when I tried to “shush” them away, the little bugger hissed at me. I did some research and guess these are called 10-line June Bug, or the Watermelon Beetle. First off, it’s not June, it’s July and second I have no watermelons, so GO AWAY!

As for Max… well lets just say he would rather be sunbathing outback then helping me unpack.


All the best,

M & M


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